Testimonials ForSheryl Smith

What we appriciate Most

We don’t have a lot of experience with other realtors. However, based on what others have shared with me about their experiences with their realtors, we think Sheryl is a fantastic one. What we appreciate most about Sheryl is:
• her availability
• her promptness/ responsiveness
• her knowledgeable around market conditions
• her ability to navigate/read other realtors
• her ability to play hardball when and if needed
• her professionalism
• her overall excellent customer service
• her ability to ask challenging questions to prompt us to figure out what we were really looking for

Our first impression in working with Sheryl was “she’s a go getter”! We were glad she was on our side. We knew she would work hard for us and would always do the right thing. She had high standards for herself and morals, which we appreciated. – The Gerards